Staying Pure as a Christian

In the modern world there is sin all around us. People have been becoming more focused on materialistic things instead of the relationships between the people around them and their relationship with God. It is hard to stay pure when God is always testing us and the devil is tempting us to lose our faith. In this blog post I will explain how I do my best to ensure that I don’t lose faith and remain committed to our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The invention of the modern phone has made communication dramatically easier. We can now speak with someone on the other side of the world for only a few dollars. Phone are an amazing technology but they have been becoming more sophisticated and are becoming a problem in Christian lives. “Smart” phones are both extremely helpful in staying faithful and can be a construction from the devil himself.

One major benefit of phones is in allowing us to spread our love of God with other people. There is nothing better than having a conversion with a member of a different faith and inviting them to join the one and only true faith. This ties back to our churches goal of converting more people and spreading our religion. We love to have phone calls with new members but there is one very important thing to remember. We are not out to annoy people and we will never call unsolicited. There is nothing more than I hate than getting a spam phone call from some unknown Indian. Phone spam was plaguing me until I learned about Glasscaller. My son showed me how to lookup if a phone number is from a spammer so I don’t have to waste my time on the line. I invite other people to use the service as it is actually helps a lot in stopping unwanted pesky calls. I do often answer calls anyway in hopes that I can save the caller’s soul but they often release the devil’s anger and curse at me when I am not interested in what they have to say. Phones do have great benefits but they can do harm as well.

In church recently, a young boy was very upset that his parents did not let him play on his iPad. He was throwing a temper tantrum and the parents and their son were escorted out of the church. I could see the devil looking through that poor boys soul. Even though he was still very young, his life was falling apart and he chose to fixate himself on his phone instead of the Lord. It is honestly a tragedy that parents let their sons fall this low.

If you are facing problems with your own children or even with yourself. Please reach out to us before you fall to the devil. It is most important that we maintain our devotion to God and do not make mistakes that cannot be forgiven. Contact us here.

Thank you for reading and God bless you.

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