I hope you never lose your sense of wonder


From a young age, the song Dancing Queen struck a chord deep within me every time it came on the radio. Not because I liked it nor because it’s catchy, but because the artist’s crooning voice spoke to my reserved nature.

Ironically, it wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I realized what it means to “never lose your sense of wonder”.

So, to the one who is weighed down by your to-do lists and responsibilities. To the one who feels stuck in your daily routine. To the one who has given up on your dreams and settled for the comfortable life….

Hold on to that little girl inside of you – the one who dreams of traveling the world, marrying a prince, becoming an astronaut, owning a horse farm or becoming the next president of the United States.

Put on your fanciest dress on a Wednesday just because. Take 30 minutes every day to do what makes your soul happy. Dance in the rain and jump in puddles. Wear sequins on a Monday or hats for every other day of the week.

Have adventures wherever you are. Travel. Better yet, move to Paris or Peru. Open your heart to every person you meet. Become a keeper of stories. Say no to something that takes up some of your time, but often leaves you feeling sad or frustrated.

Check things off your bucket list. Book a ticket to Africa or Europe. Take a road trip across the country or to a neighboring state.

Do something that challenges you physically, mentally and spiritually. Throw a fancy dinner party for your family and friends. Open your heart to welcome love and friendship deep into your soul.

Take a leap and start that business you’ve always just called a hobby. Start a blog. Write the next great American novel or a series of e-books.

Speak up for what you believe in, even if you’re the only one standing.

Approach each new day with positive thoughts and the wild-eyed look of a newborn. Lose the cynicism and look for the good in people. Don’t let anyone put you in a box and call it “normal.”

Do what makes you happy. Dedicate your life to what you were created to do. Don’t settle for what’s comfortable. You were created for MORE.

Happy Monday!


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13 thoughts on “I hope you never lose your sense of wonder

  1. Yelena, this post speaks to me SO much. Thank you for writing it. Recently I have been doing a lot of praying and thinking about my next step. And there is always this dilemma between pursuing my dreams or settling for something more practical and safe. This post is timely, because it inspired me toward something that has been on my heart, and that I’ve been praying about recently, even this morning. So thank you again! Blessings!!!

    • Awe, I’m so glad! Often, we all need the reminder that we don’t need to settle for the “normal” or “comfortable” life – we are created for extraordinary things. God bless you! Can’t wait to hear about the all amazing things that God is accomplishing through your heart and life?!! :)

      • Wow, thank you! Also, if you are interested (and have the time, i’m sure you’re busy) in doing a guest post on my blog, I would love that. You’re a great writer, and I’ve been wanting to have guest bloggers, I haven’t done that yet. I appreciate your kindness. Have a wonderful day!

      • I would love to do a guest post, but if you’ll remind me in a few weeks via email please? I’m starting 2 weeks of finals so I’m afraid everything else is on the back burner.

        Also, your blog is lovely! I might be emailing you about website design in the next month or two since I really want to revamp this site but haven’t had much time to work on it. And since ur blog is amazing and so is ur portfolio (you’ve some some amazing projects – wow!), I thought you’d be a great person to ask for help when the time comes ;)

      • Thanks! And yes, I will definitely be sharing about what adventure God is taking me to next… on my blog (ashestobeauty.net) or I can come back here with an update when that time comes. Btw, I think my last reply accidentally posted twice so feel free to delete one of them. :) God bless!

      • I’ll be keeping up with your blog then! And you’re always welcome to do a guest post on here if you have something on your heart to share:) just email me and we can set that up!

  2. So appropriate! I’m learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable! Gotta take risks and get out of your comfort zone.

    101 in 1001 list helps to push you in gear also!

    We are made for so much more than just normal.

  3. This post resonates so much with me, as I just returned from my first trip from Africa – something I’ve been dreaming about since the age of 3. I may still be young, but I’m already starting to live the not-normal life :)

    • Wow! That is so cool! Were you there for a missionary trip or….? I would love to have you guest blog about it one here sometime, if you’re interested! :)

      • Yes, my dad and I went with a team to Liberia to do missions work. Specifically, we were working with kids, teaching about their identity in Christ, and also with parents, talking about establishing a generational vision for family.
        Wow! I am honored! I would love to guest blog some time. Just let me know how that usually works.

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